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The purpose of this humble site is to share some material that will be of interest and use to those who are involved with such organizations as Eckankar, MSIA, and MasterPath*:  groups that practice a form of meditation emphasizing consciousness of sound and light.  Some aspects of Buddhist teaching seem to refer to this practice which, some claim, has its roots in surat shabd yoga.  In these pages, I hope to shed some light on these aspects and to flesh out their significance for the practice of meditation. 


The most important figure here is a great master named Samantabhadra, who is also known as Fugen in Japanese (the first syllable is pronounced like "Foo" and the second syllable like that of the word "again" when Americans say it, with a hard 'g' sound).  Fugen is associated with great purification, great determination, and with developing the consciousness of sound.


The most-often cited passage from Buddhist teachings in the context of the yoga of sound comes from Fugen's personal testimony on his own enlightenment in the Surangama SutraClick here to find out more.


For another important resource, on Fugen's role as an agent of purification in the Meditation Sutra, click here.


This simple site was compiled by a student of the Great Vehicle of Buddhism for the sake of the teaching alone:  not for profit.



*I am referring specifically to students of such public figures as Paul Twitchell, Harold Klemp, Darwin Gross, Gary Olsen, John-Roger Hinkins, and Suma Ching Hai, and who may be interested in moving forward in their spiritual journeys.

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